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About Me

It's Me.. Tim Borrill

It’s all about me… Well on this page it is!

Hi! My name is Tim and this is my Blog, TheGadgetLife.co.uk!

I decided to start this blog after I started getting stuck into KickStarter and backing new and exciting projects and products. I really wanted to be able to let the world know about my thoughts about all the cool stuff I was backing on Kickstarter. I then got thinking and why should I stop there, our lives are surrounded by cool gadgets and products everywhere we look.

Ok so there is bigger and meatier blogs out there but hopefully I can put a really cool spin on things by not going into major amounts of detail or boring people to death. According to Hubspot, “55% of Visitors Spend Fewer Than 15 Seconds on Your Website” which means that you really have to snare your reader with some really cool content! Hopefully I’ll be up to the task.

So to get the about me out the way, I’m 25 years old, I have an awesome girlfriend called Rosie who I live with, with our two small dogs. I’m a Marketing Manager for my day job over at www.Advanced-InCar.co.uk (Shameless Plug) and I love Coffee. Still with me so far (Hopefully 45% still are :D)!

I’ve built this blog with my bare hands with a little help from my good mate Chris who is hosting everything on his server (That reminds me – I need to buy him a beer)! In places it may not be perfect as I’m learning as I go… Hopefully you’ll enjoy the ride and share my blog posts as and when I post them up 😀


PS – That’s actually me in the picture above and not some corny stock photo. I took it on my GoPro 3 Black Edition at Dalt Villa in Ibiza!