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NudeAudio Super M

NudeAudio Super M Bluetooth Speaker

The next gadget to hit the shelves is the Super M Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by the rather dashing guys from NudeAudio. Featuring some pretty impressive tech, “proofness” you won’t believe and more colours (or colors for my American compadres) than you can shake a stick at! Now if you’re still running a dial up 56K modem, you might want to ... Read More »

Mercedes A45 AMG GoPro Shoot

A45 Featured Image

Now this blog is a tad different than normal but will hopefully push across my love for cars. The car in question is the mighty Mercedes A45 AMG punching out a meaty 360bhp. The owner is one of my best chums who is actually a professional racing driver for Ferrari and goes by the name of Daniel McKenzie, you can check ... Read More »

What I’ve Been Up To…


Hello to one and all… So firstly I have to apologise for the major lack of blogs and general do-goodery! It was my goal to put up loads of really interesting gadgets as quickly as I possible good but it’s been a really busy time of year for me! “What have you been doing thats so important?” I can virtually ... Read More »


BeerBro Review by TheGadgetLife

So this is a slightly different review than normal. As you can probably tell it’s not really a gadget that you can stuff a couple of batteries into or connect your smartphone to but the BeerBro is awesome! Developed by two guys over in Manhattan, NY is really answering one of Man’s most needed issues. How to open a cold ... Read More »

Playbulb Candle

The PlayBulb Candle

So here we are, the first official “TheGadgetLife” Gadget Blog post! The lucky contender is the Playbulb Candle created by the guys at MiPow Global. It was a product that I recently backed over on Kickstarter and having played with it for a good couple of hours the other night, I love it. The Playbulb Candle really appeals to the ... Read More »

We’re Live

We're Live! | TheGadgetLife.co.uk

So here we are! We’re two weeks into our build time and we’ve done it, we’re live!! I’ve built this blog to be really super duper when it comes to SEO which should hopefully mean that it’ll be nice and easy for Google (Other Search Engines are available – “Who Cares”) to be able to find us and the gadgets ... Read More »