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Mercedes A45 AMG GoPro Shoot

Mercedes A45 GoPro Shoot

Now this blog is a tad different than normal but will hopefully push across my love for cars. The car in question is the mighty Mercedes A45 AMG punching out a meaty 360bhp. The owner is one of my best chums who is actually a professional racing driver for Ferrari and goes by the name of Daniel McKenzie, you can check him out over at http://www.DanielMcKenzie.co.uk. He came to me asking to shoot a small video of his car and I was more than happy to oblige!

This is going to be a slightly larger blog post than normal as there is a lot of info to go over which I think you’ll really enjoy reading, especially if you’re an avid GoPro user and into cars! If you came here just to watch the video then skip right to the bottom and enjoy, I won’t hold it against you, promise!

Delkin Devices Fat Gecko Kaboom Mount

So as an owner of a GoPro 3 Black Edition and a GoPro 4 Black Edition I was itching to get them on the car and see what we could pull off. We also knew we wanted to get some pretty unique front and rear shots and the only way to do this was with some sort of boom mount that could attach to the car. After looking high and low we came across the Fat Gecko Kaboom Mount by Delkin Devices. It’s spec’d out at being able to extend from a respectable 20″ to an impressive 60″ and certainly lives up to making “Impossible shots, made possible”. This was purchased for a pretty modest £90 from the guys over at HobbyMounts.co.uk along with a Triple Suction Mount System to help keep it glued to the vehicle whilst pumping some legal road speed. We also had a selection of arm extenders and suction mounts that we took into battle with us.

Mercedes A45 GoPro Suction Mount

Now the above picture is a real quick insert, just to keep the blog flowing nicely and you can see the two cameras in action… These suction mounts are really awesome and keep those units glued to the car!! The manufacturer says that they would be suitable up to 120mph but out on the track on Dan’s Ferrari 458 GT it was topping near on 180mph with no real Swagger Jagger.

One of the other most important “Musts” of this video was sound. We had to somehow harness the incredible raw engine and exhaust note. Whilst the GoPro does sound quite well we had to really inject some “Sound Steroids” into the mix. Introducing the Audio-Technica Pro 24-CM which I had read some really great reviews about. Normally retails around £100 mark but scooped a bargain on a new and unused one on eBay for £40. Bargain! I also hooked it up with the official GoPro Micro-USB to Aux cable and a couple of 2 & 5 metre jack leads. The one issue we had to also think about is wind noise, anything above 20mph would mean all we hear is swoosh which wouldn’t be good. Again more research needed and I found the WindTech Mic MUFF MM-1, a really great YouTube video helped with this decision. This was £35 imported from the States that was the perfect fit for the Pro 24CM. Sorry for all the really boring guff at this point, I decided it was needed so others could learn from my research! All of this kit was looking very sexy so far and hooked it all up with some super sucky suction mounts!

Audio Technica Pro 24CM & WindTech MM1

Once we had all our warmongering tools we headed straight over to The Purbecks in Dorset, UK! Being locals to this area we knew we’d get some staggering shots, great back imagery and the roads were bound to be relatively quiet! We weren’t wrong at all. After playing around with the Kaboom we got some brilliant angles and the MUFF which is pretty prominent (:p) can be seen in the two images below. I thought it would be prudent to show off the angle and also what the GoPro could actually see from that position.

Here is the back end of the beast:

Rear Kaboom Mount Shot

And here is the front end:


The boom mount worked exactly how we wanted it to, especially with the FishEye of the GoPro lenses and captured the shots we were hoping for. Yes you can see the mount and the suction mounts but hey, who cares? I sure don’t and think the fact you can see them adds to the imagery. The only thing to add is that you really need to keep this carbon boom pulled taught to minimise any wobble whilst in motion. We unfortunately got some wobble so needed to stabilise this out in post-shoot.

Once we collected our shots we took some great exhaust footage using one of the suction mounts and it gave a really dynamic feel of the car as we were buzzing about!

As I mentioned at the beginning of the blog this wasn’t going to be one of my normal entries of digging really deep into the spec of a product or my personal thoughts on it. I wanted to just share something with you guys which I find really cool. GoPro’s and AMGs are of course some of the hottest gadgets out there.

“Just show us the God Damn video will ya?”

Ok so here it is all fully edited with some rather “questionable” music (on my part) butI think it works well with the shots. Please note that the lyrics are 18+ so I wouldn’t advise you showing your 4 year old kid.

I hope you enjoy it and I’ll leave you with this awesome shot overlooking Poole Harbour, until the next time fellow Gadget Hombres!


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