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NudeAudio Super M

NudeAudio Super M Top Image

The next gadget to hit the shelves is the Super M Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by the rather dashing guys from NudeAudio. Featuring some pretty impressive tech, “proofness” you won’t believe and more colours (or colors for my American compadres) than you can shake a stick at!

Now if you’re still running a dial up 56K modem, you might want to let this page load up fully as it’s got more pictures inserted into the code than the Tate Modern in London (My legal guys have said that this may not be true :P). I’m also diving right into this one so set aside a few minutes of your time.

So I have to say, The Super M was my first ever project I backed over on Kickstarter and is the main reason of why I started TheGadgetLife. Ok I’ll never be as big as other blogs like Gizmodo or What? but I wanted to tell the world all about the SuperM and thought this is what I had to do! I then realised why stop with the SuperM? This gave way to this cheeky little blog.

Tom Dudderidge and Peter Riering-Czekalla

This Kickstarter campaign was launched way back in the summer of 2014 and initially only set their sights on a cool $75,000 but they well and truly smashed that target and raked in just shy of $900,000 from 7,794 backers. To say it was a success is an understatement. Tom & Peter who started the campaign really put life and soul into their campaign, had some great visuals and video uploads that really helped you connect with them and the SuperM. You’ve already checked out these cheeky chaps in the image above. These guys were no strangers to Audio and speaker systems as they already had a great “Move” range which held it’s own in a UK store called HMV. They had some great speakers already but they wanted more. Here is where the Nudeaudio Super M was born.

Now it’s time to get the hardcore info in and what makes the Super M so Super!

NudeAudio Super M Exploded

This small package which could easily fit in your back pocket features 4 full-range, high-performance neodymium drivers which are tightly packed on both sides of the Super-M, with each pair complemented by a passive radiator, totalling 6 drivers. This means that unlike most speakers on the market, it can offer great 360º sound.

These are driven by highly efficient amplifiers and a powerful Lithium-ion battery. A state-of-the-art Bluetooth 4.0 chipset ensures the best signal and efficient battery use.

NudeAudio Super M Sand Proof

The final step was sealing the speaker for IPX-5 waterproof rating and sand-proof which from some info on in the comments section of the campaign is all about blasting it with water with a jet. Sounds fun!

There were a couple of things that I think really allowed this campaign blast off into the Stratosphere. First being the wide range of colours they were offering which meant this could cater to a bigger market rather than just the standard black like most offer. They even had some unique colours such as The Community voted colour of Black & Coral (I went for this one), The Black & Green Kickstarter Only Edition and another favourite of mine, the MistaJam version. There was also the interaction between backer and creator that really allowed us to communicate with them about the product and what was happening. The page itself was a real hive of interaction with over 40 updates and nearly 13k comments. It was great to speak and chat with other backers whilst we were all waiting for our speaker to arrive. A few other campaigns I have backed could learn a thing or two from these guys!

NudeAudioSuperM Colours

The NA team also allowed the backers the chance to get extras such as more speakers, towels, mounts and a pretty rad American Apparel T-Shirt. In my pledge of $139 I went for the Black & Coral Super M, T-Shirt and Bike Mount. I have my T-shirt and the bike mount is incoming shortly!

NudeAudio T-Shirt
Now like most KS Campaigns, this one was hit by some pretty severe time delays which meant that the majority of backers didn’t receive their Super M until December even though the campaign was fully funded in August with a promised delivery of September. Some backers at this point still are waiting for their speaker which at this point is mainly down to the Christmas season and lack of deliveries over this period. The first reason for this delay was the bluetooth range. When the Black Edition which shipped on time started reaching backers, the users were noticing pretty poor range and even having your Smartphone in your pocket would cause dropout. Not good. One backer by the name of Henri went to some great lengths to demo this via YouTube. The NudeAudio team quickly realised they had an issue and immediately halted production and shipping of the remaining black units. Tom rushed to Hong Kong from the UK and realised the bluetooth chip and antenna just wasn’t good enough due to the shape of the SuperM. Having conducted some real life tests with the team they quickly within a week created a new antenna that boasted impressive range of up to 30ft!!! This was shown to us by a rather fetching video in the park :) With the problem locked down, production went back into full swing. Old stock was recalled, backers with speakers already delivered were told to keep the current one and await a new one. At this point, the team deserve a pat on the back. There aren’t many companies out there that would do this at what would have been a considerable cost. Well done chaps!!

Another reason for the delay in my honest opinion, is that even though they had an impressive range of colours, it was too many variations to too many people. This inevitably slowed production down at the factory level as I believe only one colour could be produced at a time.

This inevitably lead to the usual moaners and trolls in the comments section. I do believe however if it weren’t for the issue with the Bluetooth antenna then the speakers would have been delivered by the end of September which was their promise!

NudeAudioSuperM- Front Package

Ok so let’s move on to some slightly happier content! I received my Super M on 22nd December 2014 and put all my Christmas shopping on hold. The packaging blew me away. My package had been customised to the colour I chose for the Super M. It was pretty cool and I’m rather partial to some decent packaging. It was well constructed with good use of materials and it didn’t disappoint. They also sent me a thank you card for being a backer. Cheers guys!

NudeAudioSuperM Open Package

Right at the bottom of this blog I have uploaded a YouTube video of my Unboxing and first test so I won’t have to bore you with too many more words!

Once it was pulled apart it was paired with my Macbook Pro in a couple of seconds which was great! No hanging about. The sound was great and really did itself justice. It was deep, hit the high notes real well and gave some decent oomph! Now when you compare this with other speakers on the market such as the Beats Pill it blows it out of the water. It really does! I have to fair in that it’s not as good as my Bose Soundlink but then that was almost 3x the price of the Super M. They have tuned the Super M so it is fires out quite a linear sound with no amplification of the bass. I did see some people on the comments section moaning about this but I reckon the guys have been quite clever with this. Everybody likes their music different. Why put in stock settings that some wouldn’t like but then others would? With it being linear, it means you can use the equaliser on your device to customise the sound as you please. Happy people all round.

It’s a really well built piece of kit, very strong and sturdy, looks like it could go into battle and live to tell the tale (As long as that battle is 8 hours long). So as mentioned it features a pretty decent 8 hour battery life, side port charging and a hook in for a 3.5mm jack for any device that doesn’t have bluetooth. If you ever use this point we can’t be friends and we can’t be fellow Geeks! It also allows you to have a conference call but if I’m being honest, I probably won’t use this feature much.

Remember that UnBoxing video I mentioned earlier? Well it’s right below! Please give it the thumbs up and subscribe to my channel whilst you’re there.

So I can hear you all virtually crying and shouting, Tim where can I buy one of these Super Sexy Super Ms? Well the Kickstarter campaign is over which means you can’t get one of the Kickstarter editions like I have, but they have hit Amazon already. So if you’re on Prime just like me then you can get the sounds pumping within 24hours. Just click the link below, add to your basket and checkout. Simple! (Remember to let me know in the comments section below if you buy one and what you think)

Black Super M – http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00N4OT2BC/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=6738&creativeASIN=B00N4OT2BC&linkCode=as2&tag=tgl021114-21&linkId=CA7XBZRKUOZOOITD

More colours will be coming within a couple of months for the UK and I’ll update things once they’re out. If you live in the USA and click the link above it should re-direct you to Amazon.com where more colours are available.

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The next gadget to hit the shelves is the Super M Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by the rather dashing guys from NudeAudio. Featuring some pretty impressive tech, "proofness" you won't believe and more colours (or colors for my American compadres) than you can shake a stick at! Now if you're still running a dial up 56K modem, you might want to let this page load up fully as it's got more pictures inserted into the code than the Tate Modern in London (My legal guys have said that this may not be true :P). I'm also diving right into this one…

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What we score the Super M:

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Summary : A well rounded speaker especially for it's cost, sounds great and extremely portable. Better than it's more expensive competitors.

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Tim is 25 years old and lives in Dorset in the UK, loves gadgets and is also the owner of the TheGadgetLife! Random Fact: Big fan of BBQ Sauce


  1. While your review of the speaker may be accurate, the Kickstarter review is lacking. There are still many of us waiting for “rewards” (speakers) that were promised by the creators before Christmas. During that time Nude Audio went silent from 12/24 to 1/02. Now they are trying to find out where people’s speakers are that have not been delivered. This task they have turned over to others so that they can attend CES in Las Vegas. While they wine and dine in Las Vegas, promoting their product, that many of us do not have, and company, which has not been able to handle the logistics to deliver their products. I’m happy that your dealings with Nude Audio was acceptable, but I would be wary of any dealings with them. They are being run by an individual whose company, Gear4, went bankrupt, and has been acquired by and doing business under Disruptive Hong Kong Limited. Just for your information.

    • Mike,
      As you so kindly sent me an email to suggest that I am not transparent as I didn’t approve your comment held in moderation within 24 hours I thought I would comment on your initial “comment” as well as reply to your comments on Kickstarter.

      As mentioned, I run my blog in my spare time. I have a family, a business and also revise for further education so cannot respond or make changes on my blog as often as I would like.

      In my blog, I mentioned about how the guys at NudeAudio did encounter issues with deliveries and timings, I also stated that some backers had not got their speaker yet which I believe NudeAudio are working on.

      In regards to your points about Tom or Gear4, I don’t believe this is the place to discuss these points whether they are true or not. Like I mentioned on Kickstarter I haven’t had time to read up about this. My blog is fun and I don’t wish to bog it down in such matters.

      While I understand that you are unhappy that you haven’t had your speaker you need to touchbase with NudeAudio and I hope your speaker turns up soon.


  2. I decided to get one of these speakers, partially because of this write up. I used to have a small pillbox speaker set that I travel with and after 4 years of use they are falling apart so thought it’s time for an upgrade. Initial impression is that the sound quality of the Super M is very crisp and surprisingly loud. I would have liked more bass but that’s always tricky to get from small speakers and would also drain the battery quickly. Price wise I feel £70 would be a little sweeter, however if this stands the test of time and last 5 years then it’s a good investment.

    I did not buy this through the kickstarter campaign which sounds like there were a few issues, but rather Amazon via Tim’s link above. Hopefully everyone gets their speakers sooner than later. That aside, thanks for the review Tim.

  3. Christopher Manns

    Tim, you spent a bit of time on this blog article and i comment you on that…I would like to pint out, similar to some others, that NudeAudio is currently failing to deliver on a large number of Kickstarter commitments for the Super-M. all those colors you show above are NOT available…I believe Amazon is limited to 3 or 4 colors. Many of the colors shown were supposed to be available via the Kickstarter campaign and, to be fair, apparently were in small quantities, but significant numbers of people received substitute colors or as in my case no speaker at all yet (I had requested a green Cupio limited edition).
    I would be wary of this company and product line, the customer service is …lacking.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for taking the time to reply to my blog. Admittedly I haven’t checked in on the project in a while as I have had my Speaker and use it quite regularly to much enjoyment. I know I’m due a Bike Mount soon. Maybe I’ll check in.

      I had heard that there were still a few problems with the shipping and homely the NA team are putting in place measures where they can fulfil all of the pledges and making good any situations where the process has fallen over :)

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