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Playbulb Candle

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So here we are, the first official “TheGadgetLife” Gadget Blog post!

The lucky contender is the Playbulb Candle created by the guys at MiPow Global. It was a product that I recently backed over on Kickstarter and having played with it for a good couple of hours the other night, I love it. The Playbulb Candle really appeals to the inner geek in that it can be controlled right from my iPhone. Now that’s cool yeah?

Now MiPow have been in the smartphone world for a while by offering some really unique and cool charging products but the Playbulb really caught my eye.

Since I backed the Playbulb Candle in October, it only took 29 days for it to arrive now that’s gotta be some sort of Kickstarter record? Normally a decent product hits the usual delays in part of the design, implementation or production part but this was really really quick.

Playbulb Candle Packaging

Much like Apple, the guys over in Singapore have put some real effort in the packaging that just works. It looks awesome, slides apart really nice and you’re greeted (in my case) to three stunning looking candles. At this point they’re looking pretty real and you wouldn’t know that they are controlled by an App.

Playbulb Candle Single Candle

Now the one criticism I have with the Playbulb is that it takes quite few batteries, in this case it’s three AA Batteries per candle. If you backed more 3, 6 or even 9 candles then you’re going to be looking at some pretty hefty shopping charges just to keep them fed. They do however boast that they will last for up to 60days if used around the 4hour mark per day which is a whopping 240 hours. This is why I love LEDs!!

So lets get to the App Control and why I think it’s so unique. I was using an iPhone 6 and once I got all the batteries installed and the candles switched on the luminescent multi glowing started. I couldn’t get my iPhone out quick enough!!

Playbulb App Control on the iPhone 6

Once you’ve downloaded the App from your preferred App Store then you’re greeted with a really simple and easy interface. You’ll see the candles straight from the app with no need to pair them to the Bluetooth in the iPhone which could have been a real pain in the backside and taken some time. Thankfully no need! So once you see the candles, you simply hit connect and thats it. You can then team them as a group or use them as an individual candle. Now the right screenshot above is the main interface on changing the colours and as you can see, there is a world of possibility and the colour match is very good! When changing colour there is very little delay which is what I really like. There is also the ability to do certain effects such as Rainbow, Pulse and my personal favourite, Candle Flicker! It simulates a real life candle and it’s so good it even fooled my girlfriend to think they were real candles! Surely that means it must look pretty genuine yeah?

Playbulb Candle GlowI am in the process of sorting out a video of all the different options and the effects you can do with the candles but the above pictures showed off some genuine shots of the candle in use.

There also some other great features such as being able to blow the candle out and (back on again). (You still have to turn the candle off using the internal switch but it’s a pretty nifty trick to show your friends). MiPow have also added in a Scent diffuser into the package so not only will they look good but will smell good too. They do start off quite strong in smell so maybe just put one in at a time. Other cool features as shake for a new colour and the ability to turn the candle upside down to hold an actual tea light candle means that you’re going to have some real fun! No matter the mood, partying with friends to relaxing in the bath means that anybody is going to love using them, just like me!!

Starting from one candle at £17.99 to three candles for £46.99 the guys over at MiPow have really kindly offered me a unique discount code for this blog for 15% off over at http://store.mipow.com.

Once you’ve added your candles to the basket, just add KS15 to the discount box and enjoy 😀

They have also shipped their next Kickstarter Project, Playbulb color to me. Combining the technology from the candle with a Bluetooth Music Speaker. As soon as it’s in, I’ll be blogging again! If you want to check it out and give the guys your backing then just check out the link below:

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