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BeerBro Review by TheGadgetLife

So this is a slightly different review than normal. As you can probably tell it’s not really a gadget that you can stuff a couple of batteries into or connect your smartphone to but the BeerBro is awesome! Developed by two guys over in Manhattan, NY is really answering one of Man’s most needed issues. How to open a cold ... Read More »

Playbulb Candle

The PlayBulb Candle

So here we are, the first official “TheGadgetLife” Gadget Blog post! The lucky contender is the Playbulb Candle created by the guys at MiPow Global. It was a product that I recently backed over on Kickstarter and having played with it for a good couple of hours the other night, I love it. The Playbulb Candle really appeals to the ... Read More »