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What I’ve Been Up To…


Hello to one and all…

So firstly I have to apologise for the major lack of blogs and general do-goodery! It was my goal to put up loads of really interesting gadgets as quickly as I possible good but it’s been a really busy time of year for me!

“What have you been doing thats so important?” I can virtually all hear you cry and smash into your keyboard. Well like I said above I have actually been pretty busy with my business (www.Advanced-InCar.co.uk (If you’re interested)), getting it ready for Christmas and trying out some new tech that we’re trying to promote for the new VW Golf MK7. In between times, I have also been revising for a really important interview for something that I’m really excited to be doing in my time. I can’t quite tell you all what it is just yet, but that’s what this category is all about, My Life!

What’s coming? Well I have a few awesome gadgets coming up for you all to read about. We’ve got the Super-M Bluetooth speaker from NudeAudio, Playbulb Color from MiPow, my take on Google’s Chromecast which we’re using at Advanced In-Car and a really cool rig for the GoPro 4 that is being used on a Mercedes A45 AMG!

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s going to give me a lot of time to get these blogs up and looking spanking!!

Much Love x

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Tim is 25 years old and lives in Dorset in the UK, loves gadgets and is also the owner of the TheGadgetLife! Random Fact: Big fan of BBQ Sauce

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